Founded on the ideal that productivity and consistency is a lifestyle, Lively Planner Stationery was created with a vision of empowering women to become the very best version of themselves – successful, brilliant, and capable of taking on the world.

With the demands of work, school, social lives, family time, hobbies, and events, very few of us can hold the mental capacity to effortlessly keep track of all the demands on our time. Despite being a well-organized planner, Erica Dallas –¬†creator and founder of Lively Planner Stationery was still challenged with staying focused on the journey, not just the destination of her life. Excited about the challenge of designing a collection of organization products that reflected her aesthetic and prioritization mindset, Erica launched the line in 2015.

The Lively Planner Collection was created to help you launch into greatness. The layouts are designed to encourage intentional planning for day-to-day tasks in your home, workplace, business, or leisure schedule. Let’s embrace life with determination, enthusiasm, and a lively spirit. When you write things down – your hopes, dreams, and plans – they become attached to your mind and heart. This leads to ACTION. Action leads to IMPACT.

At Lively Planner Stationery, we want to build a community of women with winning mindsets who understand the true meaning of joy and seek to design their lives with grace, peace, unity, and appreciation for this priceless gift called life.